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Hair Salon In Botanic Ridge

Whether you’re after the timeless classic or fashion-forward update, a healthy trim or holiday reshape, speak to a member of our team and we’ll be happy to make that happen. We’re blonde specialists and brunette specialists after all.

Brunette Hair Specialist In Botanic Ridge

Our stylists are specialized in achieving the perfect brunette. The experts at Mia Bella Hair Salon perfectly blend all the tones from dark black to warm brown. In Botanic Ridge, our colourists use the latest techniques in creating natural-looking brunettes.

Blonde Specialist In Botanic Ridge

We, at Mia Bella Hair Salon, create the perfect blond shade you are looking for. The colours we offer at the Botanic Ridge salon include golden, ashy, caramel, platinum blondes, and a lot more. Give yourself the elegance you deserve with the blonde specialists!

Kids Hairdresser In Botanic Ridge

Mia Bella’s kids hairdressers in Botanic Ridge ensure that each child leaves with the hairstyle they’ve been looking for, with a smile on their faces. Our stylists are trained to cut, style, and trim your hair perfectly.

Permanent Hair Straightening In Botanic Ridge

Mia Bella professional hairstylists in Botanic Ridge have been specially trained so you can leave the salon with healthy, glossy, and straight hair. The process involves care instructions to help you maintain straighter, smoother hair after treatment.

Balayage In Botanic Ridge

Balayage is a smooth, trendy, and easy hair look. It also requires very little upkeep. You can get tones ranging from delicate, natural highlights to something solid and well-defined. Our hairstylists use balayage foils to create a natural look in sections of your hair

Ombre In Botanic Ridge

Our salon in Botanic Ridge offers a wholesome ombre experience much more than just a service. Give out ombre services a try and you won’t be disappointed!

Mens Hairstylist In Botanic Ridge

Mia Bella Hair Salon in Botanic Ridge is a great place for men looking for a new look, whether it is a daily office look or for any special event. With expertise and skill, our team meets the needs of every client.

Nioxin In Botanic Ridge

Our extensive Nioxin product line offers a fuller appearance while also protecting your hair from damage. Mia Bella Botanic Ridge has extensive experience in giving the best hair care for every client.

Goldwell Salon In Botanic Ridge

An extensive range of Goldwell professional hair care products makes hair colours, styles, and haircuts stand out. Our haircare professionals in Botanic Ridge make clients fall in love with their hair again.

Ladies Colour In Botanic Ridge

Ladies colour specialists at our salon in Botanic Ridge will discuss your preferences with you and offer the best hair colour. If you’re transitioning from blonde to brunette or vice versa, we have many options for you.

Blow Wave In Botanic Ridge

We at Mia Bella Hair Salon in Botanic Ridge are always happy to provide you with hair care advice. Our blowouts are ideal for persons who have hair problems, breakage, or an oily scalp. To keep your new hairstyle in place, we usually use high-end finishing products.