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Hair Salon In Skye

We create the finest hairstyles at Mia Bella Hair Salon including classic blondes, brunettes, and red hair shades, as well as ever-popular highlights, balayage, ombré, and even fashion colours! We’re experienced blonde specialists and brunette specialists.

Kids Hairdresser In Skye

Our kids hairdressers in Skye offer haircuts and styling services for children, that your little ones would instantly fall in love with!

Balayage In Skye

Our expertise and extensive knowledge of pigments and colour placement give the exact Balayage effects that our clients desire, while always prioritising the health and integrity of the hair. Mia Bella Hair Salon professionals in Skye go above and above to achieve the ideal colour.

Ombre In Skye

Our expertise at Mia Bella Hair Salon in Skye creates the ideal balance of dark and light tones according to each customer’s preferences.

Permanent Hair Straightening In Skye

As haircare experts at Mia Bella Hair Salon, we can help you with your unmanageable, frizzy, and rebellious hair. Our team of experts in Skye will fix them right. You can trust Mia Bella for smoother, shinier hair.

Men’s Hairstylist In Skye

Our mens’ hairstylists in Skye understand the significance of personal grooming. You can fully rely on us when it comes to achieving the look you desire.

Nioxin In Skye

Our team of experts ensures that customers are aware of the right product and its uses. Have a consultation before getting the treatment done. Here at Mia Bella Hair Salon in Skye, we offer consultation on the entire product range of Nioxin.

Ladies Colour In Skye

Hair colour is a fun and easy method to change your look and accentuate your natural features when done correctly. With Mia Bella Hair Salon’s ladies colour in Skye, you’re one step closer to achieving your perfect look.

Goldwell Salon In Skye

In Skye, Mia Bella Hair Salon offers a wide selection of Goldwell products. From subtle changing of hair color to gentle toning of an existing one, the possibilities are endless.

Blow Wave In Skye

Mia Bella Hair Salon in Skye can give you advice on how to maintain your style between appointments. Whether you’re getting ready for a big event or want to look gorgeous for a few days, book our hairstylists online now!