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You’ve probably seen pictures of balayage all over Instagram. This trend has been popularised by celebrities who are using the hair colouring technique as part of their look. But balayage is not just for celebs anymore.

When it comes to highlighting your hair, balayage is one of the most popular methods. It uses a series of soft, vertical strokes to add colour all over the hair. The effect is soft, with an uneven intensity throughout. This colour technique is a great choice for women who want to emphasize the shape of layered styles. It can also create a beautiful face-framing effect. The technique is a fun way to change the colour of your hair without changing the overall colour.

Balayage requires an experienced stylist with advanced training to create beautiful, natural-looking highlights. The technique requires a high level of expertise to achieve the right result. The hairdresser will paint the colour into sections of your hair using a flat iron and a small brush. Strips of foil wraps are layered between each section of hair to prevent spotting or bleeding.

Choosing the right stylist for your balayage is crucial. Our professional hair stylists have good expereince and have been trained well in the technique. Since the technique is freehand, it requires a high level of concentration and care. This requires a highly skilled stylist who has a keen artistic eye and who is willing to spend the time necessary to create the desired look.

While it may look quick and easy, the application process can be difficult and time-consuming. Your professional stylist will take the time to ensure the desired look is achieved.

When deciding on the colour of your balayage, you have a diverse range to select from. Your stylist is well-trained and experienced in all hair colours including brunett and blonde hair.

The hair colour is sensitive and should be conditioned properly. Your professional stylist won’t overdo the process and certain looks and co

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