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HAIR Extensions

You deserve beautiful, soft and silky hair. Restore your hair back to its youthful thickness and appearance with premium-quality hair extensions from Mia Bella Hair Salon. We are a premier hair salon located in Cranbourne West. We’ve helped many customers regain their gorgeous mane in no time. Whether you want straight locks, gentle waves or defined curls, we have an extensive selection of hair extensions that suit every hair type and hairstyle.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are a much sought-after hair treatment, which involves fusing, weaving, braiding etc., fresh hair into your existing hair. Hair extensions are a great way to:

  • Increase your hair volume.
  • Gain hair length without growing your natural hair.
  • Experiment with different hairstyles and colours and textures.
  • Uplift your appearance quickly.

Why would I need hair extensions?

Some of the reasons why you may need hair extensions are:

  • You want to increase the length of your hair quickly.
  • You want to try a different hairstyle which you can’t because of the shape and length of your natural hair.
  • You are unhappy with the results of a recent hair cut/styling and want to mask it with hair extensions.
  • You are experiencing hair thinning and want to restore hair volume.

What is the history and legacy of hair extensions?

Anthropological research indicates that hair extensions were used as early as circa 3400 BC by the ancient Egyptians. They would create a variety of wigs made from natural ingredients such as human hair, dried animal wool etc. and use resin and beeswax to attach pins to keep the extensions in place. Queen Cleopatra also loved hair extensions, with her favourite being extensions in peacock blue.

Hair extensions soon became more popular across all of Africa and, through international trade during ancient times, reached European and American shores. Many people belonging to the noble/ruling classes would use wigs and hair extensions to denote their social standing.

At the turn of the 20th Century, hair extensions became more mainstream and were popularized by TV celebrities. Today, hair extensions are a much-loved hair treatment that many women and men undergo regularly.

Are hair extensions made of real hair?

Hair extensions are made using both natural human hair and also synthetic, factory-made hair. While both are very durable and beautiful to look at, the final choice depends on your preference.

At Mia Bella, we offer hair extensions made from both real hair and synthetic fibres.

What is the main difference between hair extensions made of real hair and synthetic hair?

Natural human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions differ from each other in the following ways:

Natural human hair extensions

  • Look more authentic and natural
  • More expensive than synthetic hair extension.
  • Last longer for up to 3 years (maybe more, with proper hair care.)
  • Blend better with your existing natural hair.
    Texture can sometimes be dry and wiry
  • Can handle varied temperatures/weathers just like natural hair

Synthetic hair extensions

  • Don’t look as authentic as extensions made from real human hair.
  • Available in various price ranges – perfect for people on a budget.
  • Don’t last as long as natural hair extensions.
  • Easier to identify you have extensions
  • Texture is silky, smooth and soft because of the chemicals used to make the synthetic hair extensions look fabulous.
  • New age synthetic hair extensions are just as effective as natural hair extensions in withstanding different weather/temperatures.

Can I get hair extensions if I have short hair?

As long as your existing natural hair is over 2-inches long, you can easily get hair extensions even with short hair. In fact, hair extensions are used to help people with short hair get long hair quickly in a single hair treatment session.

Can I get hair extensions if I have long hair?

Of course, you can. Hair extensions are a great way to add volume, colour and texture to your existing long hair.

Can I get hair extensions if my hair is thinning or close to baldness?

This depends on the health and quality of your natural hair. Hair extensions are fused with your natural hair and if your hair is weak/thinning, the weight of the hair extensions can increase the chances of hair loss. This is why it’s important to first consult experts before scheduling a hair extension treatment.

Our hair care specialists at Mia Bella Hair Salon will evaluate your hair and let you know if hair extensions are the right treatment for you or not.

Will my natural hair get damaged if I use hair extensions?

No, hair extensions won’t ruin your hair, as long as you get them fitted by experienced professionals. Our hair care experts at Mia Bella have years of experience putting in hair extensions and you can trust us to take care of your hair during your in-salon treatment.

How are hair extensions applied/put on?

Hair extensions are applied in a number of ways, including:

Pressure-sensitive clips– They are used to clip on light-weight hair extensions to your hair.

Hair wrap – This is a type of hair extension where hair is attached to an elastic band and the band can be worn directly or fastened to a bun/ponytail using pins.

Drawstring – Here, the hair extensions are tied securely using a drawstring attachment method.

Straight comb and claw clip – These are two types of comb-type hair extensions, where the combs/clips are slid into the hair to attach the hair extensions.

Bonding or weaving –The hair extensions are braided or weaved in the desired style. Then the extensions are bonded onto your natural hair using hair-friendly glue. Needles and thread may be used to secure individual sections of hair to the braids.

What different styles of hair extensions can I get?

Hair extensions come in numerous styles, from straight to curly to beaded to braids. At Mia Bella, we also offer the following styles of hair extensions:

Balayage hair extensions
Balayage is a hair colouring technique, which is used to highlight specific sections of the hair. Here, the colouring moves from the roots to the tips and is done using softer tones. Balayage hair extensions can be used to create lighter and more natural-looking extensions to highlight your hair and add volume.
Ombre hair extensions
Ombre is a hair colouring technique where one solid colour slowly transitions into another solid colour. Ombre colouring is usually done at the tips of the hair. Similarly, ombre hair extensions involve creating the ombre effect by adding extensions to the tips of your hair. This hair extension creates a dramatic effect, making your hair look gorgeous.

How can I choose the right colour hair extensions?

You can get hair extensions of any colour, depending on your taste and preferences. Our experts at Mia Bella Hair salon can help you choose the right hair extension colours. Typically, we match hair extension colour with your existing hair colour (for the most natural look) or your skin tone or eye colour.

Can I get hair extensions as only highlights?

Yes, you can. The Balayage hair extensions can be used as highlights in your hair.

Can I get hair extensions in multi-colours?

Yes, you can. At Mia Bella hair salon, we have a choice of hair extensions available in various colours for you to choose from.

Can I get hair extensions if I have grey roots?

Yes, you can get hair extensions if you have grey hair roots. However, the extensions will not cover up the grey. You can choose to get your hair treated and dyed/coloured a different shade before getting hair extensions. Or, you can choose extensions that are closer to the shade of grey to match your hair strands and add grey highlights to your hair.

Can I get hair extensions if I’m pregnant or nursing a baby?

Of course, you can. The hair extensions treatment is an extremely safe procedure that doesn’t affect your health or the health of your baby. The hair extensions are attached to the roots of your hair and no chemical is injected into your body. However, if you are experiencing any skin sensitivity due to hormonal changes during pregnancy/nursing, it’s best to consult your GP before getting hair extensions.

Can hair extensions withstand changes in weather/humidity?

These days, hair extensions are extremely durable and can withstand diverse weather conditions and temperatures. Depending on the type of hair extensions you have, there are different hair washing and hair drying techniques you need to follow.

Our Mia Bella professionals will share these hair care techniques once your treatment is complete. You can always contact us if you have any questions and need our help.

Will my hair extensions come off when I take a bath or go swimming?

No, they will not. Hair extensions function just like your natural hair and will remain securely attached to your scalp, even when bathing or swimming. But it is important to dry your hair quickly after your bath/swim to ensure they remain healthy.

Can I get hair extensions if I’m under 18 years of age?

Yes, you can. At Mia Bella hair salon, we require all minors to have the consent of their parent/guardian before getting hair extensions.

How long do the hair extensions take to clip on?

Hair extensions take a very short time to clip on. Depending on the type of extensions you need, our team at Mia Bella Hair Salon can finish it within 45 – 60 minutes. You can even come in during your lunch break and get the extensions.

Do hair extensions hurt?

Hair extensions don’t hurt when you’re getting them attached. Our team at Mia Bella are extremely sensitive to your needs and will ensure you experience no pain or discomfort during the service.

These extensions are also completely pain-free after treatment. Since they are a new addition to your hair and scalp, you may feel a minor discomfort for a few days until you get used to them. But within a few days, you’ll hardly feel your hair extensions and they’ll be extremely comfortable to use.

Do I need to avoid activity after I get my hair extensions?

There is no downtime after getting hair extensions. In fact, you can get back to work immediately after the treatment. But you do need to be a little careful how you tie up your hair and how you comb your hair. Our Mia Bella hair experts will be able to advise you about the Do’s and Don’ts of hair extensions.

What type of hair care products can I use on my new hair extensions?

You can use shampoos and conditioners that contain coconut oil, argan oil or castor oil when washing your hair extensions. This will make your extensions softer and smoother.

How long do hair extensions last?

Depending on the type of hair extensions you have on, they can last anywhere between 2 & 6 months before you need to visit our Mia Bella Hair Salon for repositioning.

Can I change my hair extension style after a few months?

Yes. You can easily change your hair extensions style and colour anytime. Just visit our Mia Bella Hair Salon and let us know what new style you’d like to try. We’ll attach the ideal hair extensions for you.

I don’t want my hair extensions anymore. Can I get them removed?

Yes, you can. We understand that you may not want to have hair extensions permanently. At Mia Bella, we also offer hair extension removal services.

How much do hair extensions cost?

At Mia Bella Hair Salon, we offer a wide range of hair extensions services. Our prices are:

  • Half Head of Extensions: From $350
  • Full Head of Extensions: From $600
  • Full & Half Head of Extensions: From $750
  • Hair Extension Removal: From $100

Why should I visit Mia Bella for hair extensions and not do them at home myself?

While it is possible to clip on certain types of hair extensions by yourself at home, the results will not be the same as you’d find at a professional hair salon. At Mia Bella, our hair care professionals have immense experience attaching hair extensions to different types of hair. You can expect premium-quality, professional styling from us.

Visit Mia Bella Hair Salon for hair extensions that everyone will fall in love with.

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